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Waiting for his humans to take his coat off after coming inside. Jacket

Perhaps it was a blessing that Harris Teeter was out of both lamb chops and whole chickens when I went shopping last Sunday. It has been one of those weeks where cooking and I just aren’t aligned at all. Tuesday evening, I attempted to make strombolis, but my homemade pizza dough didn’t rise. We tried a method M found online to make dough rise in the microwave but that was a giant fail. The dough changed into a stringy mess when I tried to stretch it. We called our favorite take-out place.

Wednesday was the memorial service for my Aunt who passed away earlier in the week. By the time we got back to the house from the Eastern Shore of Delaware, it was after 9pm. I threw together grilled cheese sandwiches using the loaf of bread in the fridge and a block of colby jack cheese that was hanging around. At least I got two things out of my stockpile for the pantry challenge!

Last night, M decided I needed a night out of the house. I found out earlier in the day that my grandmother went into hospice and was on morphine to keep her comfortable until she passes away. Not a good year for my family so far! M treated me to dinner at a Mexican place and a few margaritas later, I was glad he forced me to go out.

Tonight I’ll finally be back on track, cooking the braised chicken and mushrooms I had planned on making this week. It’s the only recipe I have all of the ingredients for, so I won’t be going back to the grocery store until my normal shopping day on Sunday (yay for keeping our grocery budget to $55!). I think I saw some sliders in the back of the freezer that I can cook up for tomorrow night.

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