Cold-Be-Gone Juice

It’s a big sick-fest at our house. My cold, which started last week and took a two day hiatus thanks to some Superfoods, came back with a vengeance. Most of Saturday and Sunday was spent laying on the couch. M woke up Monday feeling fine, but arrived home promptly at 4pm and went to bed. He’s been home ever since nursing the beginning of the cold I had last week. Hopefully his cold takes less than the week mine has. Anyway, our cooking has been pretty minimal (soup and whole grain fried rice take out for M) but we’ve been juicing up a storm. I might invest in a citrus grove. Eight days in to feeling crummy, it’s time to again superfood this out of here. So, I give you one of my many juices we’ve had this week.

Two oranges (vitamin C), a lemon and three leaves of Rainbow Chard combine into a (very) green drink. Totally palatable if you are used to green juices. If not, try adding a little more citrus or even some ginger. I wish the picture did this rainbow chard justice. The leaf was bigger than my head.

Cold-Be-Gone Juice

Juice the chard, then oranges, then lemon. We have the Jack LaLanne Juicer (similar) and we really like it.

Cold-Be-Gone Juice

Serve over ice. And hope the sneezy/coughy grossiness takes a hike.

Cold-Be-Gone Juice


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