Culinary Challenge: Irish – Slow Cooker Corned Beef

Last year was the first time I made corned beef. Or even thought about making corned beef. I guess when you marry an Irish man, it becomes a requirement. That’s fine. I LOVE it. I bought a 4.5 pound corned beef this year since the two of us tore through a 3 pound one in about a day. We’ll see how long this one lasts… The slow cooker is absolutely the way to cook corned beef. It cooks for about 8 hours on low and the dog will spend the day with his nose in the air trying to figure out where the meat is.

To your slow cooker, add some chopped celery and carrots. Why are mine frozen you ask? Great question. I forgot to buy carrots and celery at the store, so I went into my freezer stock bag and pulled some out.


I leave the fat cap on my beef for cooking. I think it keeps the meat more tender. Cut a few lines into the fat and place the corned beef, fat side up, into the slow cooker. I also pour the marinating liquid into the slow cooker. I know, I’m breaking all of the rules. That’s what happens when an Italian cooks an Irish dish.


On top of the corned beef, add a sliced onion, a few cloves of garlic, 2 tablespoons of pickling spice and two bay leaves.


Now, being that it is Saint Patrick’s Day, add in 12 oz beer. I used Yuengling. Also add in 2 1/2 cups of water. Cover the slow cooker and set to low for 8-10 hours.


Breaking more rules, I turn my corned beef twice during cooking. Why, I don’t know. It seems like I should do it.


Once the corned beef is cooked, place it on a cutting board and cut off the fat cap.


Slice and serve! We enjoyed ours with brussels sprouts and a potato gratin.



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