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If you’ve read more then one or two posts on this blog, it’s probably becoming pretty obvious that M and I are constantly monitoring where our money goes. We budget, we try to shop sales when we can, and I’ve been known to print off my fair share of coupons. But, I pride myself on being the queen of getting money back for things I already buy. There are a few (nearly effortless) ways I do this. – A friend turned me on to this site several years ago. I shop as normal on any online retailer. I’ll add my desired product(s) to my cart and close my browser window. Open up and search for the same merchant. Click through using their link (not all retailers are available) and complete your purchase as normal. Within a few days, MrRebates will send you a rebate confirmation and credit you back a percentage of your purchase. You can have your available balance transferred to your Paypal account, or sent by check. In the five years I’ve been a member, I’ve received $1300 in rebates. All for things I was going to buy anyway! – This is the same concept as but they offer different percentages (and usually have rebates for certain Amazon departments). I usually compare the two and pick the higher rebate percentage as my pass-through link. I’ve been a member here for a little more then two weeks and I’ve already received $9 in rebates.

Ibotta – Download the iPhone or Andriod app. Choose from the offers in the product gallery (movie tickets, soda, bread, and eggs have all been offered) purchase the product at the store, and verify your purchase by scanning in your receipt and product barcode. Rebates start at $.50 and go up from there. I’ve been using Ibotta for about three months and have made $11.50 already (and I’ve missed a few rebates because I’ve tossed a receipt or product packaging too quickly).

Checkout 51 – Brand new and the same idea as Ibotta, but you can scan receipts from your computer. I personally think Checkout 51 has better offers, but that could be because it’s a brand new app. Sign up now and receive $2 for scanning your first $20+ receipt.

Shopkick – Open the Shopkick app prior to walking into stores such as Target, Macy’s, or Crate and Barrel and receive points (usually 50-100). Purchases on a linked credit card also translate into points, and if you really want, you can scan products in the store for even more points. Points can be redeemed for gift cards at major retailers such as Target, Starbucks and Best Buy. So far, I’ve earned $10 in Target gift cards.

Note: The above post contains referral links. When you sign up using these links, I receive incentives. I would have recommended these services any way, but I do appreciate your support!


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