Five for Friday: Finding Free Money (Part 2)

M and I are off to Cape Cod to visit with my MOH and BFF since Kindergarten. Don’t worry, I have a few posts scheduled to tide you over until my return. Since we’re off spending money, I thought a follow up post to my previous “Finding Free Money” post would be a good way to feel less guilty :-)

Five for Friday

Here are the five tools I use regularly to get money back on things I’d already be buying:

1. – To use, visit and type in the name of the online merchant you are shopping at. Click the link to go to the site and a percentage of your purchase will automagically be transferred into your account. In January, I had earned $1300 since joining (2008). In the past six months, I’ve received an additional $100 in rebates from shopping at places like The Limited, Crate and Barrel, Buy Buy Baby and Shutterfly. The $100 amount does not include promotional discounts that were subtracted from the original price of the item(s).

2. – When I originally posted, I had recently joined Ebates and had $9 in my account. I’m now up to $23. The percentages rebated tend to be higher on MrRebates, so I use this site far less, but I have received rebates for purchases at FedEx and Living Social.

iBotta Logo

3. Ibotta – The most frustrating part of this app is remembering to check the app before tossing the packaging and receipt for purchases. I’ve missed a few deals by only having one or the other. Regardless, my current balance is $24.50, up $13 from the beginning of the year.

4. Checkout 51 – My favorite part about Checkout 51 is they offer rebates for items such as eggs, apples, bananas, etc. I am able to take advantage of at least a few of these per month. My current balance in Checkout51 is $11.51.

5. Shopkick – I just cashed in my points to get another $10 Target gift card. Shopkick awards bonus points for linking your credit card and spending money at certain stores — be careful though, sometimes the cashier needs to manually enter your Shopkick phone number. I missed out on a bunch of points at Best Buy since I didn’t know that.

In total, this year from these five tools I’ve received $169 in cash back rewards. Not too shabby. What are your favorite apps and websites for “free money” rebates?

Note: The above post contains referral links. When you sign up using these links, I receive incentives. I would have recommended these services any way, but I do appreciate your support!


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