Five for Friday: Five Things to Make You Smile

To say this Summer flew by would be the understatement of the century. There is exactly one Friday remaining in Summer. I swear I was just coming up with my Memorial Day recipe run down. So, so sad this Summer — my LAST in DC — is almost over. Let’s focus on somethings to put a smile on your face, shall we? It is FRIDAY after all!

Otters don’t like watermelon! This face made me burst out laughing! The longer I look, the funnier it gets!!

1. Apparently otters do not like watermelon. I cannot look at this picture for an extended period of time without completely losing it. That face!

2. This is basically my dog every morning. Although I try to wake him up at 9am, not 3 am.

3. These are also just like my dog.

 21 ways to drive someone crazy.

4. I wish I still worked in an office just so I could do some of these to my coworkers. (Source.)


5. So appropriate, this is.


One Response to Five for Friday: Five Things to Make You Smile

  1. mouse says:

    I love the crinkle the water bottle….it would drive me batty, but that’s funny!

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