Five for Friday: My Top Five Skincare Picks

Five for Friday

I’ve never really been “into” makeup. Sure, when I was a teenager with tons of disposable income, I amassed quite the collection. My parents even gifted me a make-up table one year for Christmas; it was skirted, so I think it partially served to hide the mess that drove my mom nuts. Anyway, even when I was working out in the real world, my day-to-day routine consisted of some moisturizer, a little mascara and if I had an extra minute, maybe I’d get a swipe of eye shadow on. Now that I work from home, my morning routine consists of putting my hair in a ponytail and walking into the next room (usually in my pjs, but sometime I get fancy and put on my yoga pants and a sports bra — big day!). However, I’m getting, um, older and my storebrand moisturizer doesn’t make me glisten the way it used to and, wait, what is that little indent over there in the corner of my eye? Gulp. It became time to get serious about treating my money maker with some R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Here are my top five skincare picks that I use daily (most before bed). Many of these I discovered thanks to Birchbox; if you’ve not signed up, I highly recommend the monthly sample box.

1. ARCONA Magic White Ice – I fell in love with the scent of this, so the fact that it really works was just an added bonus. It’s super lightweight, so you wouldn’t think it would work as a night cream, but it totally does. It doesn’t clog pores and balances both those oily and dry spots that plague my face. And did I mention the scent? It’s like taking your face to a cranberry scented spa.

2. Murad Age Reform Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Eye Moisture – Remember those “indents” I mentioned? Well, thanks to this they are gone. This again is a lightweight cream, but 12 hours after putting it on, you can still feel the extra hydration around your eyes. I put mine on before bed and let it work its magic overnight.

3. ChapStick 8-Hour Hydration Lock – Yes, there’s a theme in my skincare routine…hydration. My lips would chap in a second, so much so that M once pointed out how uncomfortable they looked. Ew. I found this ChapStick and, again, throwing on a coat before bed does the trick. My kisser stays hydrated and my chapped lips are gone for good.

4. Body Lotion – I’m currently between lotions. I have so many samples that I’ve just been trying to use those up before I commit to a body lotion purchase. I got into the habit of using body lotion every night a few months before my wedding and kept it up. M uses Bath Body Works Aromatherapy Sleep every night (it has lavender which naturally promotes sleep) and I’ll probably go back to using that before bed. My special occasion lotion is the Bliss Body Butter in Grapefruit scent. M surprised me with a relaxation basket the night before the wedding and this lotion was one of the things in the basket. I wore it that night and the day of the wedding so smelling it always brings back the wonderful memories of the wedding.

5. Water! – So simple, but so good for your skin. I’ll admit I was (and some days still am) awful about drinking water. Then I found this fruit infuser for water. It allows me to flavor my water without adding calories, which makes water more exciting to drink. Slice up some fruit, pop it in the little insert and let the water sit in the fridge overnight. The next day, you’ll have a delicious — and healthy — drink to enjoy.

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  1. Drinking water is a great skin care tip. That infuser looks like a great tool to help encourage a water drinking habit. I wrote a post about this recently, if you’d like to check it out. – Another great skin care tip is to get lots of good sleep. Thanks for the post!

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