Five for Friday: Dining Room Inspiration

Five for Friday

First, thank you to everyone who answered last week’s survey. It’s really helpful to see what you like and don’t like about the blog. I want you to keep coming back after all!

One thing I was hoping you’d want to hear more about is the new house. I didn’t disclose too much when I originally announced the house, because we haven’t officially closed on it yet. And, once we do close, we have another six weeks before we officially move in. Whomp, whomp. I know! The good news is that after the closing we’ll have actual measurements, so we’ll be able to begin buying our furniture. One of the first rooms: the dining room. Since we have a 3,000 square foot house to furnish, most rooms will be done in phases. Our house has a butler’s pantry, so for the dining room we’ll only be sourcing a dining table and chairs initially. The former is easy — as long as the measurements work, we have our table identified (link below). The chairs are proving more of a challenge — everything we’ve found so far feels like sitting on rocks. I’m currently eying the chairs below, but they still have to pass the “butt” test. I’m really in love with the way the room is coming together. What do you think?

Classically elegant dining room moodboard

1. Montecito Dining Table — We had originally picked a similar table at another store, but once we saw this one, we were in love. The top is distressed so we don’t have to worry about silverware dropping on the table and denting it. The table expands with built in leaves, so we don’t have to store them elsewhere. And, since our dining room is one of the first things you’ll see entering the house, this makes a great focal piece.

2. Cocoa Lydia Dining Chairs — M and I are jokingly calling our house the brown house because it has so much brown in it right now, and of course, I pick brown chairs. I’d really like something more cream colored but I don’t want to have to worry about spills every time someone comes to dinner. These chairs are a nice compromise between being a lighter color but (hopefully) still able to hide any stains. Plus, I love the elegant lines on the chairs and the little sparkle from the brads on the back. And, at $240 for a pair, the price can’t be beat.

3. Capital Lighting Chandelier — This is a down the road kind of update, but I’d really like to change out our traditional brown chandelier for something more modern and sparkly. The shape and style of this one definitely feels modern and much more me. It comes at a fantastic price too, so maybe it won’t be that far down the line.

4. Wainscoting and grass cloth wallpaper — I’m willing to commit to the wainscoting almost immediately. We already have chair rails, so it’s just a matter of painting the bottom half of the currently red walls white and then adding the frames. Young House Love installed board and batten in their hallway for $57 (we would need to do traditional wainscoting to match the rest of the details in the house) but I don’t anticipate this being a budget breaker project. Grass cloth wallpaper? That’s a down the road update for sure. For now, I’ll find a paint color that matches until the budget allows me to purchase wallpaper. Most I’ve looked at are $80-100/50 sq ft. I’d guess we’d need at least 200 square feet? Plus, I have no desire to enter into the world of wallpaper hanging, so this would be something we’d contract out. There are a few tutorials to fake the look with paint, which might be something to test out.

5. A neutral patterned rug — Originally I thought an area rug with a fun pop of color would be great in the dining room. But, the more I thought about it, I decided trying to dress up the table for holidays while still coordinating with the rug would become a big challenge. Something more neutral would fade into the background, but still tie the different elements of the room together. I like the bold pattern on this rug, but would want it in a neutral that coordinated better with the chairs and walls. Again, this is down the road since it’s purely decorative and meant to pull the whole room together. (Side note, when I asked M what his priorities for the house were, area rugs was very close to the top of the list. He had it above chairs though, so I’m not sure I should follow his list as gospel!)


6. Fun accessories — This is where I get to pull in our personalities. A fun tablescape, accent pillows on the head chairs, wall hangings and curtains. All the things that make the room feel finished.

(There are a few affiliate links included. Your price does not change, but I do get a few cents on each purchase which helps me keep this blog running and pays for all this furniture!)


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  1. Melissa says:

    Can’t wait to enjoy a meal in this gorgeous dining room!

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