Grocery Spending, Week 2

It was another fantastic week at the grocery store. Last week, I spent a total of $64 for groceries. This week, I will spend $73 total. I spent $68.23 at Harris Teeter and I’m going to spend another $5 later in the week at Trader Joe’s. Pork tenderloin is much less expensive there, and since it’s right down the street, it’s easy for me to stop at when I’m out running other errands.

Our groceries for the month to date: $137. I’m beyond thrilled. Last month at this point, we had already spent a whopping $361! We’re spending 62% LESS just by eating the food we already have! It’s crazy to think and I owe a huge thank you to Good Cheap Eats for inspiring me to do the pantry challenge.


2 Responses to Grocery Spending, Week 2

  1. Great job! Thanks for the shout out!

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