High on Mushrooms

Confession: I am a mushroom whore. I cannot resist them. Roasted, braised, grilled, stuffed, raw; I’ll eat them. I think it started with my Nanny’s mushrooms, which were made often by Nanny, my mom and most other family members. Her mushrooms have a rich, wine infused flavor and are cooked to a point where they nearly melt in your mouth. My obsession became worse as the years have gone by and I strived to perfect my own version of stuffed mushrooms. My Aunt has a rocking cheese stuffed mushroom recipe and I may have eaten an entire platter of them at a family gathering.

Mushrooms have become synonymous with the holidays (and really dinner) for me. For New Years dinner, I made a delicious mushroom and leek gratin. Stuffed mushrooms (a sausage and cheese varietal) were served for Christmas afternoon appetizers. When M and I took one of our first trips together (which happened to be the trip where he first told me he loved me), we visited a restaurant in Charlotte called Good Food on Montford. The friends we dined with had warned us we would likely have a wait (almost two hours) but they did not warn us that the mushrooms would be orgasmic. They rivaled my Nanny’s. M has his own version of sauteed mushrooms. He throws in a few good dashes of worcestershire sauce to give them a salty, almost briney flavor.

Twice over the last week, my yummy main course has taken a back seat to the delicious mushrooms sides they were served with. With my spice rubbed pork tenderloin, I roasted mushrooms until they were little morsels of buttery goodness. And last night, with a lamb and tomato braise, a simple sauteed mushroom was the first thing I polished off on my plate.

First up, the roasted mushrooms. Clean and trim the stems on the mushrooms so they are flush with the cap. Place them cap side up in a baking dish.


Have a swig of your wine (you did have pour yourself some wine before you started didn’t you?) And add some minced garlic, cubed butter and thyme (or rosemary) to the dish.


Give it a good drizzle of olive oil and, if you have some to spare, toss some white or red wine in the baking dish.


Place the baking dish in a 475 degree oven for 20 minutes. Flip your mushrooms and cook for another 5 minutes. That’s it.


Look at those little morsels of yumminess!

Next, sauteed mushrooms. This one is just as difficult as the previous recipe.


Heat some olive oil and butter in a skillet.


Add in a few minced cloves of garlic.


Sauté until fragrant and then add in your sliced mushrooms. Give them a toss and let them cook for a minute or two.


Season with salt, pepper and some herbs. Rosemary, thyme, herbs de provence, whatever you have that has an earthy flavor to it. Add in a hefty pour of wine. You again can use red or white. If you don’t drink, or already drank all your wine, you can use chicken broth instead. Mushrooms are little sponges. You want something with lots of flavor that they can soak up. Reduce your heat slightly and let ’em sit.


They’ll eventually soak up all that yummy flavor and start to turn a lovely golden brown color. At this point you can either add a little more wine to deglaze the pan, or if your mushrooms look like they’ve done their thing, you can serve them up.


See? Yum. Excuse me while I go make a mushroom omelet.



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