And just like that, I’m back. Thank you, readers, for sticking with me through the downtime while we moved. I can’t promise my posting schedule will return to normal right away, but I’ll definitely be sticking my head in here as much as I can. The last few weeks have been a roller coaster and one I honestly would have ridden any differently. M and I spent many nights enjoying our neighborhood haunts and saying goodbye to friends. They sent us off with much love and our hearts are still heavy from saying goodbye. But, this weekend, less than one full week after moving in, we opened our home to M’s family for the GA/GATech game. Despite the lack of furniture and DirectTV going out, our house felt like home. It was exactly what I imagined our house to be: chaos as I taught my niece and nephew to make homemade pasta, calm as family surrounded us amongst the boxes, and love as I watched everyone bond in their own special way.

Home over the last few years has been an odd concept. I remember reflecting on this when I was on the Cape over the Summer. It felt like home because it felt familiar. It was my MOH, her husband (whom I’ve known for 16+ years) and my husband. There aren’t many uncharted territories in that environment. My parents have moved twice since I graduated high school. Both houses and neighborhoods, while full of their love, remain unfamiliar to me and therefore never feel like home. I was fearful of that with this house — our house — and I couldn’t be more excited to be wrong about how I feel. This house is home.

The first few days went by in a blur. We unpacked box after box after box. At one point I joked that we should make it a drinking game where we drink a beer for every box we unpack, but I’m certain we would have both wound up with alcohol poisoning had we followed through. M’s sister came down with her kids Tuesday and we headed to lunch nearby. The following evening we decided we both needed some time out of the house and had an awesome dinner at The One, a sushi place I’m already planning a return trip to. Friday night, we opted for date night and headed to a highly acclaimed restaurant about a half mile from home. The food was delicious and we decided to grab a night cap down the street after dinner. We chatted up the bartender, who comped me two glasses of wine, and talked to us for over an hour. It was an ordinary night for us. We could have been back in Arlington, but we weren’t. We were home.



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