Let’s Get Personal: Friendships in your 30s

Catherine Yeulet

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One of my friends posted an Instagram picture the other night. It was a banner she made for her son’s baseball team. It was a beautiful, elaborate banner with all the players and coaches on their own individual numbered baseballs. I can only imagine the hours she spent on it. But it was something else in that photo that caught my eye and, literally, took my breath away. On the desk, in plain view, was the bouquet she carried at my wedding. And with it came the realization that I hadn’t seen one of my bridesmaids in six months…

There isn’t any fault. Sure, I could have called or pushed more to see my friend. But so could she. Life is hectic. And I don’t even have kids! She is juggling two, and a full time job, and, last I heard, some renovations on her house. My weekdays are occupied with running my business, taking care of the dog and the house and the budget and cooking. It’s usually 8:30 before I can actually sit and really relax with a glass of wine and give my husband my undivided attention. It’s exhausting. And, as a result, my friendships have suffered.

We women, we take on a lot. We want to do it all and juggle it all and let nothing phase us. It does. I miss, I so, so very much miss those moments which made me friends with all of my girls. I miss our dinner parties before we knew how to really cook. I miss girls weekend to the beach or the ‘Burgh. I miss spontaneous happy hours after work (or during lunch).

Some of what I miss, admittedly, is a longing for my youth. Some of it is the acknowledgement that I am no longer only responsible for myself. But most of it is the fact that as we get older, our lives change. Changes, which force people to move, to re-prioritize, to have less time for themselves and others. But these friendships SHOULD be a priority. My friends keep me in check and make me a better person and a better wife. My friends keep me sane.

Now please excuse me, I have some friends to call.


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