STRIKE! and Grocery Spending, Week 3


First, THIS happened over the weekend. We (along with a bunch of our friends) got to go bowling at the White House!


We had champagne and mimosas, because it’s the BOWLING AT THE WHITE HOUSE!


The bowling alley itself is actually under the Old Executive Buildings, off in a basement and definitely feeling very ’60s…


…but it was a fun morning of hanging out with friends and doing something totally DC cool.


At the grocery store, I was a little disappointed with our spending. We racked up a $58 bill, whereas I was guessing we would spend closer to $30-40. While I took advantage of all of the sales I was planning on, both chicken breasts and chicken thighs were less expensive in the family packs rather than the smaller sale packs. So, I “splurged” and spent $30 on chicken which will give us a minimum of four meals. I also didn’t get shiitake mushrooms for the lettuce wraps we’re making later in the week. They were out of the better priced bulk mushrooms and I remembered that we had a jar in the pantry that I could use instead.

That brings our month long total to $195. I’m hoping between the Relay box we’re getting later in the week, and the meat I now have stockpiled in the freezer, we’ll be able to finish out the month under $250 (which would make me do a giant happy dance). I can’t wait to tell you guys all about the Relay box, as well as our final grocery spending total for the month. And just when you started to worry this blog would go and get all boring in February, M and I have a new culinary challenge we’re going to share with you for a few weeks.


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