Super? Bowl

Was anyone else as completely bored with the Superbowl as I was? I mean, snooooozzzze. M and I wound up not having plans for the game, so I decided to take a little bit out of our entertainment budget to buy the ingredients to make his favorite football watching snack — wings. This is my third or forth attempt at wings and sadly all of my previous attempts were met with a “meh” reaction. I’d tried grilling, broiling and baking. The man likes his wings fried. I can’t fault him. I broke out the dutch oven and the canola oil and finally got the wings to have the crunch M likes. Now if only I can figure out how to make the sauce that sticky thick sauce that goes with wings.

Ingredients (no picture…because, you know…): Chicken wing pieces (trimmed if they have the wing tips), canola oil (an entire quart), 12 oz bottle of hot sauce of your choice (Frank’s in our house), 1 stick of butter, Worcestershire sauce, and Tabasco.

Dump the entire quart of oil into a dutch oven or other heavy, high sided pot. I take zero chances with oil on the stove top. Heat the oil to 350. Tip: covering the oil while it heats will speed up this process.


Once the oil is hot, you’ll want to gently add half of your wings.


They’ll need to cook about 5-7 minutes depending on the size. I very carefully stirred them (with long tongs) a few times to make sure they weren’t sticking together. They’ll float to the top when they are ready.



Remove the wings to a paper towel lined plate to drain. Heat the oil back to 350 and repeat with the other half.


Meanwhile, heat your bottle of hot sauce and stick of butter in a small pan.


Add in a few dashes of Worcestershire and tabasco sauce (depending on how hot you like it). Toss the wings in the sauce and serve.



Are you ready to see the most unhealthy dinner ever?


There it is. Truthfully, it probably wasn’t as bad as I think it was. The blue cheese dip was homemade with greek yogurt, blue cheese, lemon, and salt and pepper. The onion rings were also homemade (hey, the frier was already out). I did a batter of milk, flour, seasoned salt and Old Bay. They were nice and light. The meatballs are my mother-in-law’s sweet and sour meatballs which are cocktail meatballs in a sauce of grape jelly and chili sauce. So, maybe it’s not awful. But does it matter? It was Superbowl Sunday and this happened:


Red Bull: Zero – Gym: 2


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