What’s Cooking – February 9-15

I can’t believe the first week of February has already come and gone! Today, M and I are heading to Fredrick for the day and having brunch at VOLT (finally!). This is actually the third time I’ve had a reservation there, but the first time I’ll get to go. The first time, without me knowing, M made reservations for our one year dating anniversary. I had mentioned that I would like to relive our first date and so M canceled the reservation. The second time, I had reservations for a girlfriend’s baby sprinkle. Snow showers had other plans and we had to cancel those reservations as well. This time, I really, really think I’ll get to go! This week is also our three year dating anniversary, our four month wedding anniversary AND Valentine’s Day. Busy week!

As far as our grocery spending, we’re not doing as well as last month. I’ve already spent $125. Since our fridge and pantry are pretty much a wasteland, I’m not totally shocked, but I’d like to try and stay under $100 for this week.

Sunday (Dating Anniversary): M’s Favorite Dish – Chicken Scarpariello

Monday: Mediterranean Night

Tuesday: Portobello Parmesan

Wednesday: Chicken Thighs with Sexy, Spicy Broccoli

Thursday: Wedding Anniversary Date Night

Friday (Valentines Day): Out

Saturday: Mustard Crusted Salmon


2 Responses to What’s Cooking – February 9-15

  1. Bea Rue says:

    Thanks for including my Spicy Sexy Broccoli recipe! Love your site :)

  2. […] M and I drove up to Fredrick, Maryland for the day and had brunch at VOLT. Like I mentioned on Saturday, we had been trying to get there for quite some time so I was thrilled to actually sit in the […]

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