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This week is going to be a little different than our previous weeks. For one, my grandmother passed away Wednesday evening and we will be out of town for her services Monday and Tuesday. Two, I scored an AWESOME deal on a produce box from Relay Foods thanks to Capitally Frugal. Seriously, $1.02 for a box of produce! The catch is I won’t know what I’m getting until Monday and I don’t pick up my box until Thursday. I’ll post once I pick up the box, but in the meantime, this link will get you $30 off your first order of $50 or more (and I’ll get a $30 credit, so thanks!). I’ll be filling in a few days with produce from the grocery store and planning my meals for the end of the week around seasonal ingredients.

Our grocery spending for the month is $139.96, including the $1.02 from above. Considering we’ve passed the half way point in the month, I’m doing awesome at keeping to my $80/week budget. This week, chicken breasts and ground turkey are on sale, and I’m using up more items as part of the Pantry Challenge. My estimated grocery bill: $28. I’ll probably also grab some lunch meats for M and me, but we should be right on track to get everything we need for well under $40.

Here’s the plan for the week…

Sunday: Sweet Baby Ray’s Crockpot Chicken (this will get rid of the single chicken breast I have, as well as a partially used bottle of Sweet Baby Ray’s and the one in the pantry) with Corn on the Cob

Monday: Traveling

Tuesday: Take Out or Spaghetti and Meatballs from the freezer 

Wednesday: Lamb Shoulder Chops with Tomatoes and Marjoram

Thursday: Asian Lettuce Cups (hoping for bibb lettuce or similar in the Relay box)

Friday: Perfect Pan Roasted Chicken Thighs (we make these often and they really are perfect, plus I can pair them with a root vegetable from the Relay box)

Saturday: Vegetable Lo Mein (we have Asian noodles in the pantry, and this will be another good opportunity to use our Relay box ingredients.)

What are you cooking this week?


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  2. […] I mentioned earlier in the week, I scored an awesome deal on a Relay Foods produce box thanks to a coupon code from […]

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