What’s Cooking – January 26-February 1

It’s the last week of January, and therefore the last week of the Pantry Challenge! I couldn’t be happier with our spending, even with a few indiscretions throughout the month (like the $16!! I spent at Whole Foods on ingredients for quesadillas. I’m not usually a “whole paycheck” hater, but come on). My grocery spending pre-shopping trip is $216. That equates to a $70/week average (a full $10/week under my goal), and with that I’ve been able to stock up on some items I’ll use this week. I’m also going to use up the rest of the produce in my Relay Foods box. This morning I’m going to try a baked egg in a kale cup for breakfast.

This week, M will be away one night so I’m going to treat myself to something yummy and carb-y as a reward for cooking so much this month. We’re going to finish off the chicken breasts and chicken thighs in the freezer (side note, we’ve decide we hate chicken breasts; they are boring). I also going to use up some homemade pasta and the meatballs that have been hanging around since Christmas Eve. And finally, I’m having a serious Mexican hankering and there is homemade salsa and a bag of frozen corn taunting me from the fridge.

Sunday: Herb-crusted Chicken and Parsley Orzo

Monday: Crock Pot Spaghetti Squash and Meatballs

Tuesday: Lemon Chicken

Wednesday: Sun-dried Tomato Risotto (Assuming M is out of town)

Thursday: Lo Mein with Mushrooms and Snow Peas (Mushrooms! Yay!)

Friday: Beef Enchiladas

Saturday: OUT!

What are you cooking this week?


3 Responses to What’s Cooking – January 26-February 1

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